Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Went to Road Eyeland!

     Before we moved to Awaska, my silly Mommy & Daddy took us to a waterpark in Denver, then we hopped on an airpane to Delaware so we could drive up to Road Eyeland. How silly is that??
     I had a really good time meeting my great-uncle & great-aunt & Mommy's cousins! I has so much fun I just had to rub my face in it! See??

    Cousin Kristen couldn't stop laughing. I think I was dirty the whole time we were there, because here's a picture of me covered in sand and cheetos. SAND AND CHEETOS! Where were the wipes? Where were my parents?!?? (well, Mommy was sleeping. And she got burnt, haha!)

      (Yeah, instead of brushing it off, Mommy took pics. She can be so mean sometimes!!!)
   Well, I have to go before she wakes up! Ta-ta! (You can read her version of our trip here)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Potty-Training Revenge. Part I

       Hi! I'm writing from Alaska! (I know, how awesome, right?? Can't wait until Mommy gets eaten by a bear, haha!) Mommy's here with just me, her friend, Nina & Nina's daughter, S. S & I get into a lot of trouble! She is my muse. My inspiration.
       I started off this trip on the right foot-embarrassing Mommy to death. In the airport. Before we even left Colorado. See, Mommy has this *annoying* habit of trying to make me go potty when I don't have to. Or want to. So, I decided it was payback time.
       Mommy made the mistake of always making our joint public potty trips to the Big-Big stall. The one with the drawing of somebody sitting in a chair (and sometimes reading a book) on it. Now, I've been patient with her. I've been good. I let her set me on the potty and try to make me go pee. And I endure the funny faces, voices and dances she does. Then, I run around while she goes potty. I don't make funny faces, voices or dance for her, so I wish she would pay me the same respect...but since she doesn't, I decided to exact revenge.
      Mommy took me to "go potty" before our flight out of Denver last week. In the Big-Big stall. Of course, I didn't go potty. I was too busy plotting. After Mommy gave up & it was her turn, it was time for revenge. My plan was simple. And excellent. It's too bad Mommy had to choose such a public place. With a potty directly in view of the entrance. In a Big-Big stall so she couldn't reach me...
     When I unlocked the stall door & yanked it open, Mommy froze. Haha! Then she put her head down into her hands (which she later says was done on purpose-to gain sympathy from the onlookers...and it turns out foiled my plan!) and then some "nice lady" came & held the door shut while she finished up...My plan was ruined....but I shall continue to plot & scheme until my revenge is exacted....mwahahahahaha!
      (If you have any ideas to help me exact my revenge, please post below! Many thanks!!!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Magic Friend

    Sometimes Mommy uses this big, loud, magical thing to make things disappear.  I like it.  It lights up!  One of my favorite things to do is follow it around when Mommy pulls it out of the closet it lives in.  I even tried pushing it yesterday, like Mommy does, AND IT MOVES!!!  Sometimes I like to play with it's tail. 
     I don't know how the magic works-all Mommy does is push it over food and stuff, and the things just disappear!!!  I think it likes me, because Mommy tried to push it on me, and I didn't disappear....but I did get scared when Mommy took the arm off- she wasn't looking and it started to eat my arm!  I think it was an accident, because Mommy kept saying, "sorry" and she looked real sad.  I wasn't scared, though, because it's my friend, and I know it won't really eat me.  I think it was just playin' like Daddy does.
   Here's some picture of me with my friend:

   See ya later!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mommy's Little Gentleman

       Hi guys! i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Mommy hasn't been leaving her computer up during her naps :(
       The other day I learneded that I am growing up to be quite the little gentleman! (well, that's what Mommy said) When we were going bye-bye at the courthouse (after I said bye to all the pretty ladies and Mommy stopped chasing me across the lawn) I asked Mommy if I could carry her purse for her. Now, I have no idea what Mommy puts in there, but it must be her 15lb dumbbells. I had a hard time lugging it across the sidewalk, but I was committed to my task.
       Mommy kept saying she really wanted a picture of it, but her phone was in her purse. After walking miles and miles back to the van (I'm pretty sure that's how far away we parked. It took for-ever!).
       I've also been learning to do other awesome stuff, like bring Mommy her shoes, or help her clean up messes I make (but I don't know WHY she insists on washing my hands and hair all the time. I make masterpieces, not messes!).
(Mommy washing finger paint {or was it lotion?} out of my hair)

            Well, I gotta go buh-bye's before Mommy wakes up! Talk to you later!