Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Magic Friend

    Sometimes Mommy uses this big, loud, magical thing to make things disappear.  I like it.  It lights up!  One of my favorite things to do is follow it around when Mommy pulls it out of the closet it lives in.  I even tried pushing it yesterday, like Mommy does, AND IT MOVES!!!  Sometimes I like to play with it's tail. 
     I don't know how the magic works-all Mommy does is push it over food and stuff, and the things just disappear!!!  I think it likes me, because Mommy tried to push it on me, and I didn't disappear....but I did get scared when Mommy took the arm off- she wasn't looking and it started to eat my arm!  I think it was an accident, because Mommy kept saying, "sorry" and she looked real sad.  I wasn't scared, though, because it's my friend, and I know it won't really eat me.  I think it was just playin' like Daddy does.
   Here's some picture of me with my friend:

   See ya later!

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