Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mommy's Little Gentleman

       Hi guys! i'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Mommy hasn't been leaving her computer up during her naps :(
       The other day I learneded that I am growing up to be quite the little gentleman! (well, that's what Mommy said) When we were going bye-bye at the courthouse (after I said bye to all the pretty ladies and Mommy stopped chasing me across the lawn) I asked Mommy if I could carry her purse for her. Now, I have no idea what Mommy puts in there, but it must be her 15lb dumbbells. I had a hard time lugging it across the sidewalk, but I was committed to my task.
       Mommy kept saying she really wanted a picture of it, but her phone was in her purse. After walking miles and miles back to the van (I'm pretty sure that's how far away we parked. It took for-ever!).
       I've also been learning to do other awesome stuff, like bring Mommy her shoes, or help her clean up messes I make (but I don't know WHY she insists on washing my hands and hair all the time. I make masterpieces, not messes!).
(Mommy washing finger paint {or was it lotion?} out of my hair)

            Well, I gotta go buh-bye's before Mommy wakes up! Talk to you later!

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