Monday, July 30, 2012

I Came, I Saw, I Slept!

    I got to fly on an airplane! Twice! I slept most of the time, though, so I didn't get to look out the window too much, but it was so neat!  Apparently this magical machine transports us to where my grandparents live! (I must find ways to use it often!)  We spent alot of time with our family (people I've never met before!), and saw so many new and exciting things!  Then, we used a magical airplane to go back home!
   The house the airplanes live in were kind of boring.  I wasn't allowed out of the stroller, but we got to ride in silver shiny boxes that are kind of like airplanes-you go in, the door closes, it moves, and when the door opens, you're somewhere different!
   Mommy took a lot of pictures of me sleeping on our trip-you would think that's all I did!  Mommy and Daddy let me use Amber's pretty pink carseat, but when we got home, I wasn't allowed to sit in it anymore ;(
   Well, I think I'll tell you more about our adventures later....but here's some pics of me sleeping on our trip!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trash Pickin'

   I don't know why, but Mommy and Daddy sure get upset when I try to help.  I like to lift the lid and look in the tall white thing in the kitchen.  I like to see what Mommy and Daddy put in there.  Sometimes, there's food.  Sometimes, I eat the food.  I get in trouble when I do this :-(  I don't know why-I'm just trying to feed myself so Mommy and Daddy won't have to do it later.  I really am trying to help.  Sometimes, there's neat, shiny stuff.  Sometimes, there's paper.  Today, it was watermelon.  It still tasted good, so I ate some... Then I ran away with it.  Mommy chased me down.  She scolded me for taking it.  I almost cried!
   I saw Daddy take the bag out today.  It was full.  He didn't come back inside afterwards. (I'm pretty sure he's taking it to work and eating all the stuff Mommy won't let me eat.)  I helped Mommy by putting the lid back on.  She took it off, though, to put an empty bag in....and fix the lid.  I sure hope I see some more yummy stuff in there.  I really, really am trying to help...