Thursday, September 13, 2012

My New "Spot"

        Yesterday I discovered a new place to put things! And it's bigger than my belly button! Last week I discovered that I could pull mu shirt up and stick things in my belly button....but then I found a BIGGER place. Something SO BIG I could throw anything in there!
        .....And....then I got in trouble. Apparently sticking things in the toilet is a no-no, but I don't know why. It kind of looks like the washing machine when you pull the shiny handle, but Mommy stopped me before I had a chance to try it out on Josiah's pajamas.....
              Today I had tons of fun throwing things in there after Mommy and me came home from shopping! I loved hearing the *splash* as things fell in. Too bad Mommy didn't. Everyone else gets to lift the lid on the potty, so why can't I? I know I'm not allowed to drink the water, but why can't I give things a bath in it? Maybe next time I'll climb in and give myself a bath.....


Sunday, September 2, 2012

I Got Stuck!

  This weekend was Amber's birthday! (I wish it were mine-I want presents!) I helped get ready Saturday morning by pulling out Amber's tea party stuff. Then, I went into Mommy's room and she helped get the teapot off my arm. See, I stuck a spoon in there, and it wouldn't come out, so I stuck my hand in to grab it, but once I grabbed it, I couldn't get my hand out! It was stuck!
    Mommy wasn't much help at first. She just laughed and took pictures. When she was done, she told me to let go of the spoon. Yeah, right. I'm trying to get it out of the tea pot. So Mommy reached in and pried my fingers from the spoon. I was so sad! After she pulled my arm out, she shook the spoon out! I was so amazed!
    Here's a pic my Mommy took of my arm in the tea pot:

                   And here I am, waiting nicely for her to stop taking pictures and take the tea pot off!!!