Thursday, September 13, 2012

My New "Spot"

        Yesterday I discovered a new place to put things! And it's bigger than my belly button! Last week I discovered that I could pull mu shirt up and stick things in my belly button....but then I found a BIGGER place. Something SO BIG I could throw anything in there!
        .....And....then I got in trouble. Apparently sticking things in the toilet is a no-no, but I don't know why. It kind of looks like the washing machine when you pull the shiny handle, but Mommy stopped me before I had a chance to try it out on Josiah's pajamas.....
              Today I had tons of fun throwing things in there after Mommy and me came home from shopping! I loved hearing the *splash* as things fell in. Too bad Mommy didn't. Everyone else gets to lift the lid on the potty, so why can't I? I know I'm not allowed to drink the water, but why can't I give things a bath in it? Maybe next time I'll climb in and give myself a bath.....


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