Monday, October 15, 2012


             I am sooooo excited!!! We got to go see chipmunks last weekend!  I don't remember going last year, but this year, I got to feed (and chase!) chipmunks!
             We went on a long trip (not as long as an airport trip) up a mountain to an old town called Saint Elmo. We walked around (well, I got to sit in the stroller, but I really wanted to get out and walk!) and saw lots of trees called "asbens" and old buildings. Mommy said it's called a "goes town" but I don't know where the town goes!
              After we got done walking around, we went and sat on the wood pile where the chipmunks live! Mommy says we came last year too, but I don't remember that! I had sooooo much fun trying to give the chipmunks food (they just kept running away from me!).  Since they didn't want to eat the food I had, I decided to chase them! "IIIIIII'm gonna get you!!!" I shouted! But they still ran ;(
              Here's some pictures Mommy took:







            Here's some pictures Mommy took:

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