Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We Went to Road Eyeland!

     Before we moved to Awaska, my silly Mommy & Daddy took us to a waterpark in Denver, then we hopped on an airpane to Delaware so we could drive up to Road Eyeland. How silly is that??
     I had a really good time meeting my great-uncle & great-aunt & Mommy's cousins! I has so much fun I just had to rub my face in it! See??

    Cousin Kristen couldn't stop laughing. I think I was dirty the whole time we were there, because here's a picture of me covered in sand and cheetos. SAND AND CHEETOS! Where were the wipes? Where were my parents?!?? (well, Mommy was sleeping. And she got burnt, haha!)

      (Yeah, instead of brushing it off, Mommy took pics. She can be so mean sometimes!!!)
   Well, I have to go before she wakes up! Ta-ta! (You can read her version of our trip here)

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